West Hartford CSA Pickup Week 19

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Fall brings greens, squash and root vegetables. The greens and herbs (unless dried) obviously have quite a limited shelf life. They will usually last a week or so in the fridge. Over these last few CSA weeks you will get an assortment of hardy veggies like onions, squash, leeks, turnips, radishes and rutabegas that, long into the cold and snowy days of winter, can remind you of the harvest.

Harvest Notes

Storage Radishes These are heirlooms called China Rose Winter Radish. They were popular at time when families commonly grew root vegetables for fall harvest and stored them all winter long. We bought the seeds from a Connecticut company that has been in business since 1811. The description of this radish that appeared in their 1856 catalog said this, “Recently introduced from China. Its form is rather conical and very smooth; of a lively rose color; flesh is firm.” You can use it like a daikon or salad radish- grated finely for fresh use, cooked into a stir-fry or even lactofermented into a spicy pickle! You can use just a little bit at a time if you aren’t ready to dive all the way in because the roots should store very well in the crisper of your refrigerator, ideally in a bag.

Spinach I love the color of spinach! These are big leaves best suited to cooking because they are less tender than baby leaves althought they are also tasty fresh.

Broccoli Raab This cooking green has a sharp, mustard flavor. This weekend I plan on cooking it lightly in a blended soup with onions and potatoes.

Mint As the weather turns cold, we’ve been putting mint in our hot water with honey.

Butternut Squash This classic squash is excellent for soup. It actually sweetens the longer it is stored so don’t worry if you don’t get to it this week.

Onions These onions will store for months so don’t feel rushed to eat them up.

Green Peppers We harvested the very last of our peppers before the big freeze last weekend, making these the very last of the summer produce you will get in your shares this season.

Cabbage These cabbages should store for at least a month and possibly longer if kept carefully in the crisper of your fridge.

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  1. […] Harvest Notes are posted.  We’re asking the farmers about the quantities this week and will share the news […]

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