West Hartford CSA Pickup June 27th – Aleph

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Harvest Notes June 27th 2013


Butterhead Lettuce These lettuce heads are tender, creamy, and blanched in the center due to their habit of forming a cabbage-like head. This is as gourmet as it gets in the lettuce world.


Garlic Scapes Its never too early in the season to think about preserving summer’s bounty for winter’s long nights and scape pesto freezes well. You will receive scapes for the next couple of weeks so there is plenty of time to also live in the moment with these scape recipes, including one for a barley, radish salad that will put some of the rest of your share to good use. Here are some good garlic scape tips from a nearby CT farm.


Radishes These pink beauties are crisp and spicy while the greens are a bit tough and spiky. You can saute the greens, compost them, or use them in soup stock.


Carrots Young carrots are tender and slender. The greens make wonderful soup stock.


Lavendar This arromatic herb is great for bringing beauty and sweet smells into your life or for baking. You can dry this lavendar to keep around for years by just laying it out in a well ventilated space for a few weeks. You can enjoy it fresh by putting the bottom of the stems in water. Or, you can try one of these recipes. One of the Adamah fellows told me that her favorite way to eat popcorn is with ground up lavendar and rosemary. Volunteer coordinator Margo Lynn made lavendar short bread last week and said it was a big hit.


Komatsuna This is an asian green that cooks and tastes a lot like bok choi. This Japanese vegetable recipe website has a quick and simple idea for stir-frying and this website gives a good intro to Asian greens as well as a few recipe links.


Salad Mix A triple washed mix of baby lettuce and baby mustards.

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