West Hartford CSA Pickup July 11th – Alef

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Harvest Notes July 11th 2013

Tomatoes Yup, the time has come for the first summer tomatoes! They trickle in at first, with a bright red jewel poking out here and there behind the lush leaves of our growing tomato plants.

Basil What goes better with the first summer tomato than fresh basil? These will store best on the counter with their stems in water, like a bouquet of flowers.

Romaine Lettuce These massive heads of lettuce should easily keep you in caeser salads and burger fixings all week. The hearts are incredibly crisp

Beets Don’t forget that beet greens are also delicious and versatile. They cook up a lot like chard does with a spinach like flavor.

Carrots More crunchy carrots!

Kale Adamah field apprentice, Allie Comet, had a great idea after we lost all of our kale plants to hail this spring. “Why don’t we thin out the baby kale plants we usually use for salad mix and try to grow them into full size plants?” The project was a success! Now we can all have at least one round of kale chips or any other favorite kale treat while we wait for the fall crop to mature.

Scallions These are a good onion substitute especially for bok choi stir-fries and marinades. Scallion pancakes are one of my favorite things to make for parties.

Bok Choi This is the last of the early season Asian greens. Check out some of the recipes under the scallion section above.

Fennel Some people love fennel, and some people don’t… the camps generally fall along the same lines as licorice as they both have an anise flavor. Fennel bulbs work well roasted with other veggies like beets and carrots, or in salad as thin raw slices.  The fronds can be used as a fresh herb. Check out some fancy ideas here.

Garlic Scapes This week I made a delicious and very simple snack for a friend’s birthday party. I chopped up scapes and mixed with basil, salt, and olive oil. Then I sliced a tomato very thin and put it on a thin slice of sourdough bread, topped it with the scape mixture, and broiled them in the oven for a few minutes. These little bruchettas disappeared faster than both the coconut pie and the peanut butter brownies! These are probably the last garlic scapes of the season.


The raspberries that end up in our Adamah jam spend their ripening days with a delicious view of lush vegetable beds and vice versa. The view here at Adamah’s Kaplan Family Farm Field is both sweet and crunchy.


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