West Hartford Pickup Week 6

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Harvest Notes July 18th 2013

Tomatoes This is a good salsa week for cilantro lovers or for fresh tomato and basil pasta. We hope to have many weeks of tomatoes to come but, since you never know when disease will strike the plants, we should savor each one!

Basil Our basil plants look beautiful so this fresh herb should keep coming for weeks.

New Red Fire Lettuce These gorgeous heads of lettuce are on the more tender end of the spectrum. We have one or two more weeks of lettuce coming up before they quit us for the summer.

Cilantro This is a notoriously love-hate herb so if it tastes like soap to you, be sure to find a neighbor who can’t get enough of it. We always have to choose the crew of cilantro harvesters based on who loves the stuff because the haters just can’t even stand the smell! Will the tomatoes, garlic, carrots, and lettuce in your share this would be a fun week for tacos. We leave a little bit of the root on because it helps the cilantro store in your fridge.

Carrots This might be the end of these sweet crunchy carrots for a few weeks. Don’t forget that they store well when dry and in a plastic bag in the crisper of your fridge.

Scallions These are a good onion substitute in salads, eggs, stir-fries, or any other dish.

Garlic This is the first of our garlic harvest! It has not yet “cured” so it won’t store as well as later season garlic. You can keep it in the refrigerator for up to a few weeks and dole it out into different dishes or, if you are a garlic lover, try roasting it to spread on toast.

Garlic Scapes Garlic heads and scapes in the same share? This is garlic madness! Don’t forget that garlic scapes freeze really well as pesto. This really is the last of the scapes, I promise!

Cucumber You have two kinds of cucumbers in your share, a smooth skinned on that is called a Persian type and a bumpy one that falls in the American slicing category. They both taste pretty similar and will work equally well in salads and on sandwiches.

Storage Guide for This Week’s Share











Cherry Tomato  * *  *
Basil  * Stems in water  *
Lettuce  *  *
Cilantro  *  *  *
Carrots  *  *
Scallions *  *  *
Fresh Garlic *  * *
Garlic Scapes * * *
Cucumber * *
Adamah Fellow Ashley cleaning our abundant garlic harvest

Adamah Fellow Ashley cleaning our abundant garlic harvest


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