West Hartford CSA Pickup Week 22

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Join us for the Season’s Last Pickup at our New Location- Beth David Synagogue

BETH DAVID SYNAGOGUE will be the new pickup site for 2014 shares.  It is located at Farmington Avenue & Dover Road and you can enter from the  parking lot on Dover.

Thursday November 14th’s pickup will also be at Beth David for EVERYONE, including aleph and bet members, from  4:00pm – 6:45pm.

We will celebrate the 2013 season with opportunities to
• Buy pickles, jams, and cheese

• Meet some of the farmers who have grow your food

• Make apple cider and wild ferments

• Get early bird discounts on registration for 2014 shares

sHarvest Notes November 7th2013

Roots and greens rule the fall harvest and this week is no exception.

Carrots These store beautifully if you keep them in a bag in the fridge to prevent them from getting wobbly and dried out.

Cauliflower OR Romanesco These two veggies cook quite similarly. They are both delicious raw with a creamy dip or roasted with olive oil. Each bud of the Romanesco is composed of a series of smaller buds arranged in a logarithmic spiral, forming a natural fractal.

Winter Squash The early summer hail and floods reaked havoc on our winter squash crop as they require a long season so there are only a few per share. Whether you chose butternut, acorn, or jester (the striped yellow and green squash) you can learn more about your variety here. These store best at about 55 degrees with 60% humidity.

Salad Mix Be sure to leave your bag of greens open so it has an opportunity to dry.

Watermelon RadishThese long storing radishes are quite pretty and can be used raw or cooked. Try this salad recipe or some of these ideas.

Turnips Like rutabagas, turnips have an earthy flavor and can be mashed or roasted for a lower carb, nutritionally unique, flavorful alternative to the potatoes that we lost in early summer storms. Storage roots like turnips can last for months in the crisper of your refrigerator.

Mustard Greens These cooking greens can be steamed using this simple recipe for a vitamin rich meal.

Apples We harvest these from a nearby orchard and the aesthetic blemishes, namely a discoloration called “fly speck” which does not affect the taste or quality of the apples, are evidence that harsh chemicals are not sprayed.

OnionsThese troopers survived hail and flooding in the Sadeh. The small size and low quantities pales in comparison to our plentiful, giant onions from years past but the flavor is just as good.

Storage Guide for This Week’s Share



(eat first)


(4-10 days)


(2-6 wks)







Watermelon Radish



Cauliflower/ Romanesco




Winter Squash




Salad Mix



Mustard Greens














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