West Hartford CSA Pickup Week 22

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Harvest Notes November 13th 2014


Butternut Squash These winter squash sweeten as they store, so leave them be if you haven’t eaten through your acorns and pumpkins yet. Butternuts make great soups, pies, curries, or simple roasted veggie dishes.

Onions Such prize winning onions! These should store pretty well on your counter top if you don’t use them all this week.

Beets The dining hall here at Isabella Freedman recently made a delicious dish of cubed, roasted beets and winter squash in a light orange glaze. It was so simple and allowed the flavors of both vegetables to burst forward as colorfully on the palate as on the plate. The greens are delicious sauteed or in salad.  The roots store well when separated from the greens.

Carrots If you don’t gobble these up on their own, try shredding them with beets for a gorgeous raw salad.

Broccoli Ever wonder how fancy restaurants make broccoli steamed but not mushy at all? Check out the recipe below to find out how you too can preserve the flavor, nutrition, and fabulous texture of this fresh broccoli. Don’t forget, broccoli greens are delicious and can be used just like kale.

Hakurai Turnips These juicy turnips are perfect for raw snacks. You can also roast these in the oven or saute them. I always cut them right before serving as they dry out and take on a certain bitterness if left chopped in the fridge. The greens are also delicious! Steam them lightly for a nutritious, bright green side dish or toss them into raw salads, soups, stir-fries, and curries.

Red Russian Kale Steam kale lightly to preserve its color, flavor, and nutrients or, even better, make it into a raw salad. Try kale chips for some crunch or just toss a bit of kale into just about any dish you make! It has sweetened with our cold temperatures.

Cilantro This herb is known to aid digestion, provide the body with lots of vitamin k, a, c, folate, and iron, and even to sweeten the breath!

Mini Red Romaine Lettuce We wish that we had enough of these to give each share more than one but, alas, not enough of them came up. We thought we might as well distribute the few that did grow because they are so incredibly gorgeous. Fill out your tiny lettuce salad with hakurai turnips, carrots, broccoli, kale, beets, and onions!

Recipe from the Adamah House

Each week the Adamah fellows harvest produce from the fields and cook big meals for Shabbat in their shared house. Check out one of the dishes they made with the same produce you have in your share!

Steamed BroccoliChop stem and florets. Sauté with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Stir a few times until their green color deepens. Add a splash (about half a cup) of water (can be cold water, vegetable broth, or even pasta water). Allow them to steam until the water dries up. Yum!


Storage Guide for This Week’s Share



(eat first)


(1-2 weeks)


(2 or more wks)





Butternut Squash


















Hakurai Turnips











Mini Romaine Lettuce




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