West Hartford CSA – Final Week of 2014!

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Thanks to everyone for your commitment to local, sustainable, fair food this season!

The soil bore thousands of pounds of healthy produce without being exhausted due to careful land management. Our no-spray practices and pollinator habitat establishment made our farm a hospitable place for bees to buzz. Adamah fellows are preparing to move on with new inspiration and knowledge from months of hard work on the land. We hope that you and your family feel great from all of the fresh, colorful bounty. And, as we go into the long dark nights and short cold days of winter, the compost piles steam with the hot promise of a fertile season in 2015. We hope that you will join us!

Please register for 2015 by visiting www.adamah.org/csa and spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers who might be interested! You are the best ambassadors of the movement to reshape our food system!

Harvest Notes November 20th 2014

Potatoes This variety is called Kennebec. They are perfect baking potatoes and can also be used in any potato recipe.

Daikon Radish Like the other roots in your share this week these radishes store well and are delicious roasted. Try them in a stir-fry with bok choi or make a simple lactofermented pickle like the ones you may have tried at our End of CSA Pickle Making Celebration!

Jerusalem Artichokes Also called sunchokes, these members of the sunflower plant family are native to North America. They are one of the few perennials that we are able to grow for the CSA so we hope you enjoy experimenting with them! They are delicious roasted, made into chips, fried up in pancakes, pureed or cubed in soup, and even shaved for raw salads. What better time than fall to experiment with new, filling root veggies?

Purple Top Turnips These roots store well and are delicious roasted, mashed, or turned into soup. Try making simple root veggie chips by slicing these thinly along with jerusalem artichokes, winter squash, and potatoes, coating in olive oil and seasoning, and roasting at 350 for about forty-five minutes.


Butternut Squash These winter squash sweeten as they store, so leave them be if you haven’t eaten through your acorns and pumpkins yet. Butternuts make great soups, pies, curries, or simple roasted veggie dishes. You can try the recipe below for a simple, savory dish that pairs well with steamed kale or broccoli.

Onions Choose red and/or yellow this week.

Dry Beans Yes, local farms can grow grocery staples as well as fresh veggies! These are an heirloom cooking bean that we have saved seed from for years called “King of the Early.” We finally grew enough to distribute to the CSA! Most bean farmers use big equipment to streamline the process but we harvested the pods and separated the beans out by hand. You may need to pick through your bag to make sure we got all the bits of bean pod out. Use these in place of pinto or kidney beans in most bean recipes including soups, stews, cholent, chilli, cajun dirty rice, Mexican dishes, or casseroles.


Broccoli The last of our broccoli heads made it through last week’s snow but they didn’t get a chance to grow very large before the really cold weather hit. We intentionally left lots of leaves on each head because they are delicious and can be used just like kale. Vegetables in the broccoli family store extra sugar in their cells as the temperatures dip below zero to keep them from freezing, making them deliciously sweet.

Bok Choi This Asian veggies is perfect for stir-fries or salad. The crisp, juicy stalks contrast well with the leafy green part. Like broccoli, it will also taste sweeter thanks to cold temperatures last week.

Parsley This herb really held on until the end of the season! You can try juicing it with other veggies if you haven’t yet.

Recipe from the Adamah House

Each week the Adamah fellows harvest produce from the fields and cook big meals for Shabbat in their shared house. Check out one of the dishes they made with the same produce you have in your share!

Savory Butternut Squash – Scrub squash. Slice in .25 inch pieces. Boil until soft. Sear lightly in a pan with coconut oil and sea salt, flipping as they brown. Keep the skin! It will soften and caramelize. Scoop out seeds and lightly toast them with olive oil & sea salt. EAT


Storage Guide for This Week’s Share



(eat first)


(1-2 weeks)


(2 or more wks)














Dailon Radish



Winter Squash














Bok Choi









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