West Hartford CSA Pickup 6/18

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Harvest Notes June 18th 2015

Salad Mix This ready-to-eat, triple-washed mix of baby lettuce and baby mustards is as convenient as it is nutritious. Some of the greens have a sharp bite and others are much more mild.

Romaine Lettuce Heads This crisp heirloom variety that has been maintained for generations because of its incredible taste and gorgeous red speckled leaves.

Butterhead Lettuce Heads Butterheads are a type of lettuce whose leaves fold in on themselves like a cabbage, blanching the inside white. As their namesake makes clear, their texture is supple rather than crisp like a romaine and their flavor is not bitter at all. Their tenderness makes them difficult to ship across the country so they are an uncommon, fresh delicacy unique to local markets. This week we have a green heirloom variety.

Lavender Enjoy this arromatic herb as a fresh potpourri by putting the stems in a fresh vase of water; dry it by simply hanging it in a well ventilated space for a few weeks, perhaps even from the rear view mirror of your car; or look up a baking recipe such as lavender shortbread.

Rainbow Chard Use these cooking greens in any dish you might otherwise use spinach for- breakfast eggs, quiche, casserole, soup, dip, or even spanikopita if you have a fancy potluck to attend.

Bok Choi If I have Adamah kimchi on hand, I simply sautee or steam the bok choi and then mix in an equal amount of raw kimchi, which adds plenty of seasoning on its own. Otherwise, I stir-fry the bok choi with scallions, soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger, and red pepper flakes from cayenne peppers I dried last season- served over brown rice or rice noodles. I’ve also made delicious raw salads by marinating bok choi in the same ingredients as the stir-fry described above.

Persian Cucumbers So early?! We are growing a quick-to-fruit variety in one of our greenhouses and are excited to give out some salad topping for all those greens. This variety has smooth skin and small seeds and we think it is particularly delicious! Store them in a bag in the fridge to ensure they stay crisp.

Scallions Try these in stir-fry, salad, or most any scenario in which you would otherwise use onions. Remove the roots of the scallions and use the rest- both white bit and greens.

Cilantro This herb goes well with bean dishes and curries. It can also be made into a fresh tasting salad dressing. Want to save it for salsa season? Chop it up and freeze it in a paste.

Storage Guide for This Week’s Share



(eat first)


(4-10 days)


(2-6 wks)


















Bok Choi








Salad Mix






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