West Hartford CSA Pickup Aug 6th

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Harvest Notes

Leeks These onion relatives are incredibly creamy and mild when sauteed slowly on low heat for a half hour or more. Try them with pasta, soups, pizzas, sandwiches, or perhaps eggplant parmasean.

Green Bell Pepper We are excited to welcome one more heat loving crop to high summer harvest! Store in fridge in a tight crisper or bag.

Garlic This garlic is dryer than it was when we first harvested it but it is still fairly fresh and should be stored in the refrigerator.

Jalapenos The white lines are a sign of maturity and potent heat!

Cucumbers Try a simple Middle Eastern salad with diced tomato, cucumber, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Summer Squash  The light green variety has the most delicate flavor and skin. The patty pans (flying saucers) store best and the yellow crooknecks are just fun. The dark green zucchini are the most recognizable of the bunch.

Green Beans And yet another summer classic makes its debut. These green beans are tedious to harvest but well worth the effort. Try them lightly steamed to maintain their bright green color and nutritional profile, roast them, sauté them with garlic, or just eat them raw!

Cherry Tomato Pop these right in your mouth as is, or try cooking them lightly to include in any pasta dish. Roast them to really maximize the sugars.
Cherry Toms 2015
Tomato These are ripe and ready to eat when they offer a bit of give when you press their skin. If you have a tomato that is a few days away from full ripeness, store it on your kitchen counter top. Refrigeration compromises their flavor but can be used if you really need to hold them before eating.

Cilantro Its another good salsa week, with cilantro, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes! This is the end of the cilantro for several weeks.

Basil Keep your basil dry to avoid blackening of the leaves and use sooner rather than later.


(eat first)


(4-10 days)


(2-6 wks)

Leeks * * *
Peppers * * *
Garlic * * *
Cucumbers * *
Summer Squash * * *
Green Beans * * *
Tomato * * *
Cilantro * * *
Basil * *

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