West Hartford CSA Pickup August 27th

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Harvest Notes Week 12

Cantaloupe This may be the last week of melons. We’ll see what next week’s weather holds

Onion Onion harvest comes once a year, in late August and then we have a bounty to distribute for the rest of the season! These onions have not yet fully cured, so store them in the fridge and use them within the month.

Onion Harvest


Green and Red Bell Peppers Our peppers are growing up beautifully! Many more to come in the weeks ahead.

Jalapeños The swap box comes in handy on hot pepper weeks- since people tend to have a love hate relationship with spice.

Garlic This dry garlic will store well out of the refrigerator

Summer Squash  Might this be the last week of zucchini?

Cherry Tomato Try roasting if you haven’t yet for a real treat.

Eggplant Such a nice season for eggplant!

Tomato The sauces, salsas, and salads we’ve been making with these flavorful heirlooms are out of this world- and you certainly have plenty to work with!

Cilantro Another week of salsa ingredients!

Basil Keep your basil dry to avoid blackening of the leaves and use sooner rather than later.

Talya’s Matbucha Recipe
Its a good time of year to learn about matbucha if you don’t already know this Moroccan dip that is popular throughout the middle east.

* 10 tomatoes     * 1-3 hot peppers    * 1 green pepper      * Olive Oil
* 4 garlic cloves  * 1 small eggplant   * salt & pepper

Saute pepper and garlic in a little oil for 5 minutes. Add other ingredients and simmer for 3-4 hours until thick.You can really make this recipe your own by leaving out ingredients and adding varying amounts of oil or season.

Matbucha boiling down to a thick, flavorful consistency


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