West Hartford CSA Pickup – September 10th

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Harvest Notes Week 14

Apples It is an amazing apple year in New England! We picked these apples from a neighbor who generously allowed us to harvest their unsprayed fruit in time for Rosh Hashanah. The apples you will receive this fall will have aesthetic blemishes that do not impact the fruit quality, they are just evidence that no chemicals were used.

Beets Our signature crazy-shaped beets are delicious heirlooms that also make even slices thanks to their cylindrical-ness.


Talking on Beet Phones in the Field

Onion These are fully cured and can be stored out of the fridge.

Sweet Italian Frying Peppers This variety is fabulous- not only are the plants prolific but the flavor is the best. Try laying them out on a baking sheet, drizzling with olive oil and roasting until they carmelize.

Red Bell Peppers Woah, when it rains peppers, it pours peppers! These roast well and are easy to freeze. I just slice up raw peppers and seal them carefully in a ziplock before popping them in the freezer. Then, all winter long I drop a few in soups or roasted roots.

Garlic Try wrapping in tin foil and roasting in the oven until soft.

Summer Squash The gift that keeps on giving, even when summer is over!

Kale Greens are back for fall- just in time to fill in for the dwindling fruit crops like tomatoes. Integrate kale into just about any dish by chopping it small and adding it steamed, raw, or oven crisped to salads, sauces, sautees, roasts, and soups.

Cherry Tomato This is likely the very last week of cherry tomatoes!

Tomato Our tomato numbers are dropping down as we near the end of tomato season. We will likely have modest number of tomatoes for the next couple of weeks but the days of double digit tomatoes in the share are over.

Tomatoes Preparing to Roast

Tomatoes Preparing to Roast

Parsley You can dry parsley pretty easily by hanging upside down or putting in a dehydrator if you don’t think you’ll get to eating it this week.

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