West Hartford CSA – Week 17

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Harvest Notes Ocotober 1

Apples 2015 is an absolutely fabulous season for one of the region’s more fickle crops- apples. As CSA members, you get to ride along with the season in whatever glory or catastrophe it may manifest as so enjoy the sweet abundance.
Beets Our cylindrical shaped heirloom beets can’t be beet! They store well if you want to save them for a potato, onion, and cabbage week to make classic Russian borscht.

Green Onions These fresh onions are almost as big as leeks! Both the leaves and white stalk can be used for stir-fries, pestos, salads, casseroles, and soups. I especially like to make dip with them. Check out this recipe and adapt it as you wish (I use vegetable boullion as seasoning rather than the dried onion and garlic and anchovy paste she describes.)

Green Onions Loaded into the Truck

Green Onions Loaded into the Truck

Red Bells and Sweet Italian Frying Peppers We may have a couple weeks yet of these gorgeous, deliciously sweet peppers.

Garlic Try wrapping in tin foil and roasting in the oven until soft.

Red Russian Kale This kale makes great chips. Also try adding it to just about any dish you make for a nutrition boost. Most cooking greens are fairly interchangeable in recipes. For example, the Isabella Freedman Dining Hall makes spanikopita (a traditionally Greek fill dough and spinach dish) with kale, chard, or whatever green they have on hand.

Tomato Have the tomatoes lost some of their rich juiciness in the past week or two? The plants that are pumping out most of the remaining fall tomatoes are bred for vigor rather than taste. They pale in comparison to the fabulous heirlooms of summer but at least we still have some tomatoes in October!

Parsley Soups, garnish, pesto, salads— try something new!

Speckled Romaine Lettuce Heads I heard that some members were confused by these heirlooms in the spring and thought they might be green romaine heads with a fungus. Nope, those speckles were intentionally bred into these tasty lettuces for aesthetics! We think they are about the most beautiful lettuces out there.


(eat first)


(4-10 days)


(2-6 wks)

Apples * *
Beets * *
Green Onions * * *
Peppers * * *
Garlic * * *
Lettuce * *
Kale * * *
Tomato * * *
Parsley * * *

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