West Hartford CSA Delivery- Week 18

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Harvest Notes October 8th

eva kaleApples Local weather and yield cycles have conspired to make this a bumper year for apples in our region! In contrast with the anonymous supermarket experience, where produce sits silently year-round without a voice as to its’ origin or story, CSA membership allows you to understand and celebrate the natural ebb and flow of yields.
Potatoes This white fleshed variety is called Kennebec and it has thin skin that is easy to peel or can be left on. These potatoes hold together well when cooked so they make a good potato salad, scalloped potato, or roasted potato. They also store well.

Onion We think we should have enough onions to distribute for the rest of the season!

Bells and Sweet Italian Frying Peppers Peppers are easy to freeze if you are at the end of your culinary creativity with them.

Garlic After this week, we will have to take a break from distributing garlic in order to make sure we have enough to plant for next year’s crop. We save our own garlic each year and plant the cloves directly in the ground as they will each make a whole head by July 2016!

Salad Mix Just dress and serve this triple washed mix! Tone the baby mustard greens down with a sweet dressing if the bite is too sharp for your tastes.

Collard Greens In southern cuisine, collard greens are typically slow cooked in bacon fat but you can try coconut oil, shmaltz, or olive oil. I like them finely chopped for soup or charred on a grill.

molly collards
Tomato Tomatoes in October?! They aren’t as flavorful as our summer varieties but its nice that we continue a trickle of supply.

Parsley It is versatile in potato salad, dressing, fish, or soup.

Speckled Romaine Lettuce Heads I heard that some members were confused by these heirlooms in the spring and thought they might be green romaine heads with a fungus. Nope, those speckles were intentionally bred into these tasty lettuces for aesthetics! The variety is called ‘Forellenschluss’, and it translates to “speckled like a trout.”


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