West Hartford CSA Pickup- Week 19

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Harvest Notes – October 15

Apples Store apples in the fridge to keep them for weeks.

Delicata Winter Squash This variety is so sweet that it doesn’t need much culinary doctoring. I simply slice them in half and roast them in the oven with a little olive oil. The skin is so delicate and edible edible. Like all winter squash, the seeds are deliciously nutritious when roasted. You will receive different varieties of winter squash for the rest of the CSA season. Here are a few thoughts on how to use all the squash you’ll get this fall.

We cured the winter squash in the greenhouse after harvest so it should store well for you.

Potatoes This yellow fleshed variety is called German Butterball and it has a creamy texture with fabulous flavor. Always store potatoes in the dark to avoid greening.

Red Onions These aren’t as big as our prize winning yellow onions but they are of a respectable size with incredibly rich color.

Green Peppers This is the last week for peppers!
Hakurai Salad Turnip These juicy, mild turnips are delicious raw, lightly roasted or sauteed. The greens are also fabulous lightly steamed to retain their bright color, chopped for raw salad, or tossed into soups.

Broccoli These heads vary in size so if you got a small one this week, hopefully you will get a larger one next time. Broccoli’s nooks and crannies make it a bit tricky to wash thoroughly. If you want to ensure it is pest-free, submerge in salt water for a few minutes after chopping to wash off any stowaways. Broccoli greens are delicious and can be used just like kale or collards!


Tomato Unlike the delicious heirlooms of summer, the plants that produce well in cool weather have blander taste and less juice. We’ll just have to enjoy what they have to offer- October tomatoes- and wait until next August for the gourmet flavors.

Winter Density Lettuce Heads This extra tall buttercrunch lettuce is crisp and tasty.

Check out this buzzfeed: “31 Things to Do with Scary CSA Vegetables” for some thoughts on turnips and other produce.



(eat first)


(4-10 days)


(2-6 wks)

Apples * * *
Potatoes * *
Onions * *
Peppers * * *
Winter Squash * *
Lettuce * *
Turnips * *
Turnip Greens * * *
Tomato * * *
Broccoli * * *

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