West Hartford CSA – November 12th

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Harvest Notes Week 23

Blue Potatoes Why not end the season with fabulous colors? These are versatile and work for any potato dish. They bake particularly well.

Beets These young beets are tender. Store them in a tightly sealed bag. I love roasted beets on a spinach salad with balsamic dressing and walnuts. Also try grating them with carrots for gorgeous raw salad.

Carrots Carrots can be frustrating to grow. They are slow to sprout and require a lot of weeding to get good roots. We are proud of this season’s beauties and we know they are a favorite among members.

Long Pie Pumpkin This heirloom has an uncommon shape but it really is the perfect pumpkin for Thanksgiving pies. The texture is creamy and the flavor rich. I have also made amazing curries with it. Remember that pumpkin and squash seeds are incredibly nutritious so roast them up for your omega 3s.

Butternut Squash I made a simple, delicious soup the other day by roasting a butternut, peeling off the skin, and blending it up with veggie broth, a sliced green apple, a little curry powder, salt, and pepper. I added squash seed milk that I had made in a soy milk maker, but you could use regular dairy or soy milk. My two year old calls it “yellow soup” and can’t get enough of it.

Onions One advantage of having had such a dry field season is that our onions cured beautifully and are still very high quality months after harvest.

Toscano Kale This dark green variety is of kale is great for simple steamed greens, kale chips, massaged kale salad, or for adding to soups and omlets.

Spinach Eat it raw in spinach salad or cook it down into your favorite dish. It freezes well when lightly wilted. I love making creative spinach dips and using wilted spinach as fillings for filo dough or dumplings. Thanksgiving appetizers? Creamed spinach side dish?

Garlic We save all our own garlic “seed” in the form of cloves from the previous season. Now that we have planted the 2016 crop we had
enough left over to distribute to the CSA.




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